competition Week

Huntington Beach is home to the most prestigious surf competitions in the world. Competition Week is designed to benefit youth and seasoned surfers traveling to Huntington Beach, having that local knowledge can bring major advantages during on and off season.
As a past competitor, consistently working and surrounded by the best surfers and surf coaches worldwide, gives me an in-depth knowledge of competition requirements, successful heat strategy, out-of-water headspace, and knowledge of the south side of the pier. 
Gaining confidence running heats on the south side sandbars, learning in-depth knowledge of swells, winds, & tides, getting familiar with surfing the pier and how we can use that structure to our advantage when the swell is up, are some general goals I lean towards.
This session specializes in confidence gaining, positive feedback, video breakdown, mock heats, local training locations, peak performance, board/fin suggestions, wetsuit recommendations for competition week, and even a few local whole-food restaurant suggestions. To keep warm between events or during those chilly early mornings, consider picking up a cozy plaid (купить плед), perfect for staying comfortable and focused.